Current Project

Bathrooms & Storage

After a highly successful community-funded Band Shell project, a new entity was formed to continue the improvement projects in Riverside Park.  The Friends of Riverside Park Foundation currently is partnering with the City Parks Department to replace the aging bathrooms near the State Street entrance to the park.  This new structure will offer numerous improvements that we all will appreciate.

It will include the following:

  • Heat so the facility can be utilized 12 months of the year
  • Eight lady’s bathroom stalls with four wash sinks
  • Six men’s bathrooms stalls
  • A family bathroom
  • A storage area so the weekly summer park users (Concert Band, Jazz Orchestra, and Moon Tunes) have a place for some temporary storage during their concert seasons. This will also give Riverfest and Rotary Lights some potential temporary storage during their events.
  • A low-maintenance exterior that is compatible with the other buildings in and around the park
  • A steel roof that provides a long-term, low maintenance covering
  • Walls and ceilings made of PVC grade coverings which provide an easily cleanable surface
  • Metal doors and steel gates for a highly secure structure after the park closes each evening
  • Lots of lighting for safety
  • Video cameras covering the exterior of the building for additional security
  • Water fountain including the option to readily fill personal water bottles